Thursday, 1 September 2011

the tyranny of Farrow & Ball

Whilst at the Edinburgh Fringe I enjoyed Ruby Wax's show Losing it which described her history of mental illness and recovery from the most recent breakdown. One of the points she amusingly and poignantly made was how difficult it is to be the modern woman expected to be the perfect wife, mother and homemaker whilst holding down a successful job. Of course this is nothing new but I did laugh out loud, and recognise myself, in the woman who has to repaint her home everytime there are new colours added to the F&B paintchart. She made up a few names but Elephant's Breath certainly does exist and will feature in my next decorating project. Although I know it will differ only slightly from my favourite grey/off whites..Hardwick White, Old White and Slipper Satin...I feel compelled to buy a matchpot of Missel because it is such a beautiful word. Somebody very skilful must sit inventing these names.

However when I sat down to turn the French floral from last week's blog into cushions I realised how truly fabulous the F&B pigments are; whichever painted surface the cushions were near seemed to enhance their colours. Whether it was Old White (workroom) or Hardwick White (bedroom) or guest room (Pigeon) they all worked.

Love the green/blue of this plate..

Don't usually decorate my mantel with cushions or lampshades but just to show how lovely this shade of grey blue is as a background.

Have recently acquired a fabulous large piece of pink Vichy check I am making lampshades in it. I love this old French cotton especially when a bit faded but it is often holed and stained so it is great to have a piece big enough to make several shades.
 It gives a lovely soft light shown here against Old White wall. I for one am lamenting the demise of the 60 watt bulb, hate the awful greenish tinge given by energy saving bulbs.

This lovely old anglepoise recently restored to full working order..thanks a perfect match for the Pigeon walls. I have a very similar one for sale at Hardwick White I think.

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  1. I think 'Pigeon' would look lovely in my bedroom with the Laura Ashley rose curtains...must get a sample pot!

    Sandie xx