Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas decorations

It seems an age since I last visited blogland but its been a productive interval. It was lovely to end the hellish design year with really good sales both at home and at the V&H fair in Chipping Sodbury; many thanks to Jayne and Michele who worked very hard to make this event such a success. Having persuaded my customers to buy jars of fabric, glass jars, angels and jugs to fill with holly I felt I should devote some time to using these items to trim my own home.

The hydrangeas were the big find this year; they've never turned such a glorious deep red before and make a practical choice as they are already dried. I've used them to trim the dining room as red seems a good colour for the setting for Christmas dinner

Love this elegant slender French oak table which I bought at the Newark fair earlier this is a great space for displays

I sold several of these glass jars and they are so the colours of these baubles

This little embroidery dates from the time when sewing was a hobby and not a living!

Many years ago I attempted to put the tree in its pot on my own; when it collapsed on top of me and I called out for assistance my 3 teenagers watching Neighbours together famously said to one another "is that Mum shouting help?" but decided not to investigate. We did have a discussion about what word would have solicited aid but these days its left to my husband and I to struggle to secure an enormous piece of greenery in our living room. A bit slanted but no injuries at least.

My christmas stockings made from a lovely piece of french quilting sold very quickly and only then did I think they would have made a lovely decoration for my own mantel but thats business isn't it? I did however find this single example from a previous year in rather nice rustic linen

I like trimming the stairs and often find that many guests congregate in the hall at our christmas party so think they should have a display to look at.

The robin, dated 1998, was another of my projects, makes me slightly guilty that I don't seem to have time for needlepoint any more

This fairy was one of my first when I made them for myself and friends. She's embarassingly tatty but I'm still fond of these earlier less refined examples

Ten years ago we saved a branch from a tree which had been pruned..our own yule log. My husband comments on how much lighter it is now that the sap has dried up: it felt anything but light when I dislodged it as I lifted it down from its storage spot and it fell on my head!

Another favourite display area is the pig table, so called because it was thought to have been used for butchering the family pig in a country home. Like these small trees left undecorated and in a lovely French confit pot.

I bought this lovely little box on Saturday from the Station Mill Antiques centre in Chipping Norton; a really nice destination which lots of temptation.

Even a mannequin needs a christmas outfit
And now there's just the food to organise...endless lists litter the kitchen but realistically it will all happen in the haphazard way it usually does with the help of family and friends

I'd like to wish all of you kind enough to read this a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful and hopeful New Year..look forward to more blogging in 2012

Friday, 2 December 2011

Twelve days of a hellish designed Christmas

Just a few ideas for those of you wrestling with Christmas lists

Buy a fairy to fly to the top of your tree

A pair of blue enamel jugs to display your Christmas holly

Three sets of mini antlers to hang on the wall..the Christmas answer to 3 flying ducks

Four practical linen tea towels (in gorgeous French pot) for Christmas washing up

Five vintage parfait jars filled with Christmas coloured fabric

Six or so clementines in fluted ceramic mould

Seven linen sacks for the table or to leave for Santa

Eight (might be stretching a point here) fabric covered 2012 diaries

Nine (and there is only one of these) framed textile collages

Ten linen aprons for all your helpers

Eleven cosy cushions for curling up on the sofa

Twelve (and that is a lie) vintage sledges to pile on your presents
or to visit your neighbours in the event of snow
All of these and more on my stall at the Vintage and Handmade Fair in Chipping Sodbury tomorrow
For more information and prices just e mail, next day UK delivery available for most items