Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Cushions or should that be pillows

Last week lampshades, this week it's time to sew some cushions or should I be calling them pillows.  I know the Americans have always referred to those squashy things on the sofa as pillows but it was always cushions in the UK but recently I have noticed that more and more of my customers describe them as pillows. Certainly the word cushion can often be challenging to northern vowel sounds like mine and perhaps pillow sounds softer and more appropriate but then what do we call those things our heads rest on whilst in bed
Anyway to the point.... I bought some pieces of quilted toile in December and was looking forward to seeing them made up

There was one piece large enough for the front of a cushions and the other pieces have been combined with white linen

The second piece was part of a bed hanging I think and I've kept the scalloped edge to overlap the white linen although the cushion opens at the back as usual. It's a story I've come across before, Le Digit Coupe or the cut finger and shows a little boy having his injured finger bound up by an old lady
A cat features at his feet

And for dog lovers the third smaller cushion is La Bonne Nouvelle, although no text on this piece. "The good news" is being read whilst a pekenese sits at his feet

I picked up some nice pieces of French ticking; simple blue stripe with enough for a large pair of cushions. This size is almost the same as a pillow and looks good on beds.

Also a beige linen ticking, much rarer and if bigger very nice for lampshades. I've teamed the ticking with a cream vintage linen and finished the group with a large shade in this cream linen. Looks lovely lit as the cream fabric gives a warm glow

Finally a group of simple mangle cloth cushions. These linen pieces with striped edges were used to protect fragile pieces of fabric whilst being mangled and are very useful for making shades and cushions. Finished this group with a small shade with striped band

Am now working on new greetings cards as stock had become very low by the end of last year
My next open house will be at the beginning of March, slightly earlier than usual but do hope you can make it; get in touch if you need lovely to see everyone after the winter break

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

new lampshades

Finally, finally I've started to sew again just when the sewing machine thought it was safe to retreat under the cover. I spent last week procrastinating; blogging, emailing, tidying drawers for heavens sake, it was beginning to look as though the oven would get a clean! And all the while that pile of expensive fabric was staring reproachfully from a corner of the room..or so it seems.
And yet as is usually the way when you confront the tasks you've put off, or swallow your frogs as a friend calls it, its not so bad after all. Sitting sewing in a sunny room with radio 4 a constant companion is not a bad life I hear you say and of course you're right. So a quick blog to show you the results..having forced myself into a small photography session of course

First up a rather smart linen ticking stripe shade which I've photgraphed on a glass base although a tall wooden column would be good for this one

I was fortunate in picking up several small floral prints in December, all perfect for shades
This is my favourite, a cream background with pink and red floral. It would be a perfect cottage lamp on a base like this

A pretty pink fabric with the flowers in cream "lozenges"

I love this pale pink sprigged fabric and have more to make up..perfect on the glass column or wooden base..see image on left

A simple linen shade has a wide band for definition

Pair of small pink Vichy check shades would look good on small pair of lamps on console or either side of bed
I'm intending to put these shades with prices on the blogshop but do get in touch via the comment section if you're interested in buying
Those that don't find a home will be coming to the Wisborough Green brocante on Feb 8th..see details to the side of this post. Weather permitting it will be the first hellish design sale of the year

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Happy New Year

A very Happy New Year to anyone who still remembers me in blogland! It's been so long since my last post that this almost seems like a visit to the confessional. I have however been posting on facebook and, over Christmas, was persuaded by my son to join Pinterest so hope you'll follow me there too.
Deep into January self denial....the usual cutdown on food and alcohol..and back to work restocking after a very busy pre Christmas period I'm busy looking for the compensations and comforts of the new year and to be honest there are plenty.
The house is calm and I'm lucky not to have a commute and if you're reading this whilst suffering from heavy rain and wind in your area then you have my sympathy; so many of my favourite parts of the country being horribly battered at present
I've wandered round the house this morning savouring the quiet after a hectic and extremely happy Christmas

Having tidied the clothes closet..on the resolution list..I found the velvet throw and the bed is lovely and cosy.

Like the chest now I've found a home for my Christmas presents

The guest room looks strangely bare as it awaits its next occupant

Our new fireplace was hardly needed over Christmas as bodies warmed the room but think it will come into its own now that January is here

Bought this glass clock to sell but here it is in pride of place...what a surprise!

Another stock item, like these wintery looking soda bottles in their original wooden case

Have decided to leave these small deer heads in place as they give a winter look to the wall

I always leave these tiny Christmas trees inside until the end of January

The house is looking cheerful thanks to gifts from family and friends..yellow roses a theme
Here toning with a favourite portrait

and here in my lovely French confit pot..found a lovely example to sell, just email if interested

Another to sell or not to that what she's pondering?
I'm planning to hold my spring open house in March but before then I'll be in Sussex and in Manchester so keep watching this space for stock and fairs updates and again a very happy and prosperous 2014