Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Autumn Open House

Been having major problems with Blogger so its been ages since I last posted; relied on Facebook instead but you know I like to chat on so really prefer a good blog!
Really enjoyed Lucy's Lovelane Brocante in Sussex, an insane amount of driving in one day but lovely friendly people when I arrived more than made up for it

This fox terrier puppy was the hit of the day, posing happily for everybody
Bought this white hydrangea which sold my zinc container last Saturday at the Cotswolds Vintage Fair

Julie and Kristina had worked so hard to keep this fair going and it was a great success; I enjoyed seeing customers old and new and gossiping with my neighbour Jo

Not much time to buy but found these lovely letter scales now weighing coffee beans on my coffee table

Wasn't sorry not to sell this enormous French mustard pot, it looks great at home filled with wild fennel
Yesterday was Kempton and at last some sunshine after the washout last time. The day didn't start too well however when an extremely rude customer allowed his poodle to wee on a bag of cushions as I tried to unpack them; fortunately the bag was still closed and waterproof! Couldn't believe how offhand he was but as the day was a good one am wondering if this is like the good luck that descends with the bird poo which lands on you??

Have sold a record number of lampshades over the last 2 weeks so am determined to restock before my open house next weekend.

Have also bought several really lovely French crocks which are also good for displaying the wonderfully aromatic fennel

Will be parting with this lovely old bamboo chest of drawers as have found a table for the alcove in the sitting room
Come along and see..and lots more..Friday 6th September 10-9pm and Saturday 7th 10-4pm
Email for details