Friday, 25 January 2013

We've spent the week decorating: yes, I know temperatures have been below zero and throwing open windows not the most enjoyable of activities BUT it isn't the weather for long walks or days travelling the roads. So, it's good to feel the painting is finished and the three rooms at the top of the house have been bottomed. This last, my mother-in-law's phrase, does seem to sum up that therapeutic clearing out and sorting that most rooms require every so often

Perhaps my workroom most of all where constant sewing and cutting create dust and untidiness; a new carpet is ordered to replace the glue stained, coffee soaked thing we took to the tip but actually the empty room looks great.

Nevertheless all the cupboards with their stash of fabric and the invaluable workbench will be back next work ready to finally get back to work

I managed to sew a couple of tote bags before the great clear up. I bought this lovely mid century cotton at the last V&H fair. It's made up beautifully with black wool felt and enough left over to cover a notebook.

My tiny study has had a makeover which almost makes my tussles with the computer more enjoyable. As there's so little natural light I decided to go for this deep grey blue; "downpipe" from Farrow & Ball or, as my husband prefers, drainpipe.

 I think its a really classy colour, one which cries out for a stylish painting to hang, sadly less easy to achieve!

A good backdrop for my small collection of mochaware jugs

Next week sees the arrival of the new carpet and then it really will be the big return to work..have you heard that before?

Monday, 21 January 2013

Happy New Year

What follows is a post I wrote a full two weeks ago when pine needles still nestled in the carpet and snow didn't lie deep and crisp and even. During those 2 weeks I have tried unsuccessfully to upload images to accompany the post and so it has languished in draft form. Thanks to my lovely friend Jane, who determinedly surfed the net for solutions, I have finally managed to publish it; hopefully not too out of date and I still send sincere New Year good wishes!
Hope it's not already too far into the murk of January 2013 to wish you a very happy new year!
And I realise its been about six weeks since I visited this page; much alcohol and a million calories at least having been consumed in the interim as well as lots of fun and catching up and lots of lolling on the sofa if truth be told.
Today however marked the big back to work day, wish I could say I leapt up the stairs to my attic workroom but those resolutions forbid fibbing. Suffice to say that the computer appears to be in sympathy and has gone on a go slow.
But rereading my last post I realise I left you in limbo (although as there were no comments on this post I'm not too worried about anyone suffering the effects of prolonged anticipation) not knowing whether we have a young mister or miss in our clan.
Jonah was born on the 28th November and weighed a tiny 5lbs 12oz. Fortunately he knew exactly what he had to do so was soon feeding well and by Christmas weighed around 7lbs and was still a gorgeous tiny bundle happy to be passed around.
I couldn't resist this tiny cardigan with its squirrel border..should have knitted it myself I know!
I was even more excited to see his older brother over Christmas as at 2 and half he was full of the Father Christmas excitement and eager to hang his stocking although not so keen to leave one of his mincepies for Santa.

 He arrived shouting granny's house and demanding his horse; I had tidied his favourite away to make way for Christmas decorations but fortunately there was a new bigger version to meet.

I bought this lovely ride on model from Michele at the Rangeworthy jumble; couldn't believe she was parting with him, it certainly made my long trip there worthwhile.

My favourite however is this smaller version with beautifully faded paintwork and unusual leather seat.

I'm sure one day he will be enjoyed by Jonah but perhaps not yet a while.
My next fair is not until next month but meanwhile the sewing machine beckons, unless that is it has gone on strike after such a long lay off.