Friday, 25 January 2013

We've spent the week decorating: yes, I know temperatures have been below zero and throwing open windows not the most enjoyable of activities BUT it isn't the weather for long walks or days travelling the roads. So, it's good to feel the painting is finished and the three rooms at the top of the house have been bottomed. This last, my mother-in-law's phrase, does seem to sum up that therapeutic clearing out and sorting that most rooms require every so often

Perhaps my workroom most of all where constant sewing and cutting create dust and untidiness; a new carpet is ordered to replace the glue stained, coffee soaked thing we took to the tip but actually the empty room looks great.

Nevertheless all the cupboards with their stash of fabric and the invaluable workbench will be back next work ready to finally get back to work

I managed to sew a couple of tote bags before the great clear up. I bought this lovely mid century cotton at the last V&H fair. It's made up beautifully with black wool felt and enough left over to cover a notebook.

My tiny study has had a makeover which almost makes my tussles with the computer more enjoyable. As there's so little natural light I decided to go for this deep grey blue; "downpipe" from Farrow & Ball or, as my husband prefers, drainpipe.

 I think its a really classy colour, one which cries out for a stylish painting to hang, sadly less easy to achieve!

A good backdrop for my small collection of mochaware jugs

Next week sees the arrival of the new carpet and then it really will be the big return to work..have you heard that before?


  1. it all looks gorgeous, nothing like a bit of new year decorating and clearing out! Lizzie x

  2. Thanks Lizzie, did find some lost treasures whilst tidying up xx

  3. I absolutely love, love, love this colour, so gorgeous, and the green chair against it is stunning. Will be keeping it in my mind pallet for when I get my studio... one day! x

    1. I'm sure you would love it Sarah, come and have a look next time you're in Nottingham x