Thursday, 15 March 2012

I've filled the house with goodies..come and see

I've spent the last couple of days rearranging, hiding dross and hopefully filling my rooms with temptation for tomorrow's open house. I love these 4 times a year sales; often it's a chance a catch up with friends or neighbours who I haven't seen for a while. Equally I've made lots of new friends in the customers who come along having seen my designs at a fair or on the net.

 If you need directions do ring 0115 9604453 or email via the blog although let's be honest you might be better using a sat nav!
Spring sprung briefly last week and we had a lovely warm weekend which made all my pastel florals look just perfect.

Sadly I've photographed them this morning with deep gloom outside, I can scarcly see to the bottom of the garden. Hope you can get the picture.
A lovely patchwork quilt has made a collection of soft coloured cushions. I used a larger cushion pad which is a perfect size for a bed and the quilting makes them particularly soft and comfortable.

This is a pretty print in a warm pink which blends well with most surroundings.

These plum coloured florals look very at home on my leather chair

The kitchen is in spring mode with blossom from the garden ( a bit of a cheat as this is a winter flowering viburnum) in 3 toning jugs. I usually style this bench with rustic pieces but think pretty works well on it too.

The table sports my collection of French crockery..10 patterned dishes and 11 dinner plates...for those of you who entertain on a large scale but they are available in smaller numbers

The rustic pots are decorating the mantel..the colours work well against the paint colour behind.

I like the candlesticks made from spools from a mill

Love this collection of classic red and grey French prints, work well with the monograms
Hope you'll come along if you can..see timings on the left

If you're in the London area next week you can see my designs at the Country Living fair in Islington. I've supplied Charlotte from Charlotte Supple antiques with cushions, shades, pegbags etc; Charlotte's stall will look gorgeous as quite apart from my designs her taste is immaculate and she always finds lovely pieces of furniture and fabric.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Animal toiles

I've never wanted to become a dog owner; love cats too much, hate early morning walks in the rain. I do, however, enjoy other people's dogs and often its the aesthetic as much as the dog itself that appeals. The fine skull of a pointer, the feathery ears of a spaniel, the intelligent collie nose or the appealing snout of a boxer.
I did recently lose my heart briefly to a beautiful white boxer dog but I digress.

I think this is why I love toiles featuring animals as they so beautifully depict the lines of a particular breed.
I've had beautiful pieces in the past showing hunting scenes with horses,dogs and foxes but this particular toile is of a more pastoral scene.

The dogs seem to be chasing birds of their own volition and there's even a fox up to no good.

This week I've been making cushions from some pieces I've had for a while. The fabric is a lovely soft cream with the print in a rusty red; it works perfectly with the mangle cloth linen stripes.

Do love this lamb..the perfect Easter cushion?

I'll be selling these and lots more next week at my open house; do hope you'll join me. Please email if you need directions.
I had the my best ever Manchester fair last Sunday so many thanks to all of you who bought from me; its always a sociable and enjoyable day with lots of interested buyers and sellers