Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Animal toiles

I've never wanted to become a dog owner; love cats too much, hate early morning walks in the rain. I do, however, enjoy other people's dogs and often its the aesthetic as much as the dog itself that appeals. The fine skull of a pointer, the feathery ears of a spaniel, the intelligent collie nose or the appealing snout of a boxer.
I did recently lose my heart briefly to a beautiful white boxer dog but I digress.

I think this is why I love toiles featuring animals as they so beautifully depict the lines of a particular breed.
I've had beautiful pieces in the past showing hunting scenes with horses,dogs and foxes but this particular toile is of a more pastoral scene.

The dogs seem to be chasing birds of their own volition and there's even a fox up to no good.

This week I've been making cushions from some pieces I've had for a while. The fabric is a lovely soft cream with the print in a rusty red; it works perfectly with the mangle cloth linen stripes.

Do love this lamb..the perfect Easter cushion?

I'll be selling these and lots more next week at my open house; do hope you'll join me. Please email if you need directions.
I had the my best ever Manchester fair last Sunday so many thanks to all of you who bought from me; its always a sociable and enjoyable day with lots of interested buyers and sellers


  1. Glad you did well at Manchester Heather, and I am sorry I didn't find you to say goodbye. I really enjoyed the fair but could have done with more money!
    Jo xx

  2. Hi Jo
    I missed having more of a chat with're right I could have spent a fortune. Good job I was behind the stall
    Heather x