Friday, 14 June 2013

Shopping Allowed

One of the best parts of my job has to be going antique shopping in "office hours"; all those fairs which were off limits when I worked in a school are now part of the working week. Even better when selling and buying at the same event! Sadly this is only possible for as long as the chosen items sell and bring in enough profit to feed the habit.
So fingers crossed that my current purchases will find favour when I price them up for sale at my open house in two weeks time!

I've stocked up with lots of linen grainsacks as they make the perfect outdoor bench cushions or rustic garden table runners; note toning French plates for summer desserts.

The room is filled with the scent of peonies, how strange that I had never noticed before what a strong scent they have, similar to an old fashioned rose. These tall glass jars perfectly support their long stems but are equally good for storage; I have several filled with cards of buttons.

I'm thinking of leaving these pots on the table, they look so at home there. A selection of crocks from Normandy used to store preserves.

I love these misshapen bottles and think they need to be displayed in groups. They are handmade using the coil pot method and were probably used to store Calvodos; the most irregularly shaped possibly made when the potter had imbibed the contents!

Another saltglaze French jug but a particularly beautiful example

In the year of the 60th anniversary of our queen's coronation a little bit of royal history; a mug commenmorates the Diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria with a portrait of both the young and older queen

Been using my hipstomatic app to take these atmoshperic pics. Thought the style suited these smokey pharmacy jars; the dealer I bought them from offered cleaning instructions little knowing I had bought them because of the effect of their mysterious contents

French child's working boots

Lovely glass wall lights are difficult to display but love them against this marble platter; these huge plates from Northern India are perfect for candles

A group of American storage jars in potato basket, these bottles look so sweet filled with garden flowers on a lunchtime table, let's hope for a return to sunnier weather

I'll be parting with all these treasures at my open house on Friday/Saturday 28/29 June; do please come along