Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Summer Open House..this weekend

One day I will hold my summer open house in brilliant warm sunshine without a cloud on the horizon. Then I will fill my terrace with tables piled with jugs, lamps and containers of summer flowers and display the cushions on the garden chairs in my greenhouse just as I envisaged when it was renovated five years ago. To be fair it has happened but it may have been a September rather than a June sale but this weekend the forecast is for breezy showers so I've displayed all my summer stock inside.

The garden looks summery from the window where the standard lamp is displayed.
However I am determined summer will reign (get it?) indoors where Pimms and summer berry cupcakes are on offer or perhaps a pretty pink Kir if you prefer.
Hope you'll come along and enjoy; ring or email if you need directions

I love this pretty set of drawers in perfect condition, lovely for stationery or sewing bits

I've placed it alongside the fabulous stone lamp and a glass bottle full of valerian from the garden

I've brought flowers inside as the rain has prevented enjoying them outside

I'm hoping to sell this lovely grey French table; a really lovely example which would be great indoors or out. I love the top which resembles zinc

This collection of French stoneware jars looks very at home on the table

I've placed this retro anglepoise next to the 1960s pastel

This Lloyd Loom style chair is another piece which is happy in the garden or inside..just add cushions

Very sweet floral makes a pretty shade for summer

Another passion is enamel signs; love this classic French road sign
Hope you'll come along and enjoy a summery welcome

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

June sunshine 0 Getting round to indoor jobs 1

Am I the only one spending June inside listening to football pour from every orifice (TV, radio, husband's mouth...even at the gym the TV was retuned without recourse to the single female!) whilst wondering where our gorgeous sunshine of late May disappeared to?
What a long sentence; is anyone still making sense of this post. Suffice to say I have not been tempted outside this month and have actually got down to sewing, photographing and blogging. So it was that I discovered my shophellishdesigns blog with its promise to update frequently languishing with a post entitled February stock. Fear not dear shopper, its now updated with lots of lampshades, bases and more with cushions to come shortly..promise!

I had wanted to buy these expensive lampbases when I first saw them as I knew they would be perfect for my large shades; I've finally been brave enough to purchase. What a brilliant idea to make the base from an antique balustrade; they are a real statement piece.

I've pictured the lamp on my console table with a collection of French dairy pots. I love these rustic jugs and pots which are great for flowers, plants or just empty. In the kitchen fill with utensils or herbs; try simple flower arrangements or do as the French do and decant wine into them.

Shopping in Bakewell on Saturday my sister and I spotted a jug in the window of an antiques shop.
I swear it is the twin to this one...on examination priced at £140! My humble version is £32 or perhaps I should put up the price but then he hadn't sold said jug had he?

This is one of my classic standard lamps with white linen shade but a particularly nice carved base which would look great in bedroom or sitting room.

I love this soft faded print but not enough fabric for a whole shade and probably prefer it broken up with white linen panels; several more in this style in the blogshop

Tiny print shade but have base to fit if you don't have small base

A lovely classic vintage linen shade with matching linen band, I still like these simple shade the best
Lots more shades and bases on the updated on link here or to the right

A piece of France..sign from the Auvergne region which commemorates a resistance fighter from WW2....hopefully not removed illegally. Some years ago the old sign from our road was stolen and I still mourn its loss given the unattractive replacement provided by the council.
More sewing beckons but lets hope the sun returns before I find myself compelled to clean the oven!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

back to basics

I started my textile business in 2003 and one of my first designs was this little storage bag.
Very simple and designed to showcase the fabric and hide away unattractive necessities in bathroom, bedroom or wherever you like.

This early example lives in my guestroom containing tissues, make up remover, toothbrush and any other bits I save from hotel stays to pass on to friends and family who may have forgotten something vital in their packing.

Yesterday I made a couple from some of my favourite scraps of fabric. In this design the lining folds over to give a contrasting cuff..just fold up to store taller bottles etc.
This vintage Laura Ashley chintz contrasts with rustic Hungarian linen stripe.

I've placed it next to a jug of roses to continue the floral theme. These apricot roses flower outside my french windows but were about 3 weeks later than usual into bloom; just in time for the Jubilee weekend rain!

This bag uses a lovely old piece of linen union with soft vintage linen inside.

I picked up this unusual purple striped sack last it with my little book which is a regular prop.

I'm tempted to hang onto this gloriously faded quilted cushion. I bought the quilted piece from Jo (Hesta Nesta) who always seems to find great quilts. Decided to leave it as a piece and just decorate with a few buttons
The last two weekends have been busy ones with 4 fairs in all so it will be good to spend the next at home catching up on gardening and seeing my family. Whilst I tittled off to Stamford last Staurday I persuaded my husband to repaint our old summerhouse in Farrow & Ball Mouse's Back.

 I think I like the result!..probably just needs getting used to after 15 years in its sea green incarnation.
Like the marble top table against the new colour.

 The marble piece came from a trip to the local tip a few years ago; sadly on Tuesday all that was on offer was more garden waste just like ours.
Lets hope the showers stop and we can enjoy June for the beautiful month it can be.