Tuesday, 14 January 2014

new lampshades

Finally, finally I've started to sew again just when the sewing machine thought it was safe to retreat under the cover. I spent last week procrastinating; blogging, emailing, tidying drawers for heavens sake, it was beginning to look as though the oven would get a clean! And all the while that pile of expensive fabric was staring reproachfully from a corner of the room..or so it seems.
And yet as is usually the way when you confront the tasks you've put off, or swallow your frogs as a friend calls it, its not so bad after all. Sitting sewing in a sunny room with radio 4 a constant companion is not a bad life I hear you say and of course you're right. So a quick blog to show you the results..having forced myself into a small photography session of course

First up a rather smart linen ticking stripe shade which I've photgraphed on a glass base although a tall wooden column would be good for this one

I was fortunate in picking up several small floral prints in December, all perfect for shades
This is my favourite, a cream background with pink and red floral. It would be a perfect cottage lamp on a base like this

A pretty pink fabric with the flowers in cream "lozenges"

I love this pale pink sprigged fabric and have more to make up..perfect on the glass column or wooden base..see image on left

A simple linen shade has a wide band for definition

Pair of small pink Vichy check shades would look good on small pair of lamps on console or either side of bed
I'm intending to put these shades with prices on the blogshop but do get in touch via the comment section if you're interested in buying
Those that don't find a home will be coming to the Wisborough Green brocante on Feb 8th..see details to the side of this post. Weather permitting it will be the first hellish design sale of the year

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