Thursday, 25 August 2011

having a blue period

I've always liked using blue when decorating hence the large collection of Asiatic pheasant plates that still cover my kitchen walls after 20 years of other changes.However I'd never noticed a particular preference when buying stock. But when I got home last week and unpacked and assembled my purchases a theme seemed to develop.

I'd found some lovely enamel jugs in all shades of blue..particularly French colours I think. Also this very pretty turquoise and brown floral fabric. Its in great condition so should make fab cushions.

I love this soft grey blue painted stool, it is for sale but I think it will be useful on the stall giving a bit of useful height.

Even the Aladdin Pink is a great shade of blue

Also a gorgeous large piece of soft washed ticking which is that shade of denim blue which I particularly like. When I finish posting I'm off to cover one of the old ironing boards I bought with a piece of this ticking..pic to follow

Also love this traditional French check, I've usually bought it in red but this blue is great for the cushion and the sleeveboard

Love the soft deep blue of this little cart

I also bought a pile of grainsacks..they are so heavy! I love the blue ones piled together with the different stripes showing.

I've just returned from a few stimulating days at the Edinburgh Fringe where one morning we escaped the crowds and wandered round the Elizabeth Blackadder exhibition. I loved her still lifes most of all and the random groups of objects linked by colour or pattern. I'm going to try grouping items although no hope of being able to transfer the image to canvas.

Also do have to acknowledge that these items are bought to sell so hopefully will have to rearrange the displays after the Cotswolds fair at the weekend. Hope to see some of you there and do come and say hello..I'll be the one with the blue stall.

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  1. Hiya, Hope the Cotswold fair went well? So sorry you will not be able to make the American Museum this week. Must remember to take my camera! Lizzie x