Thursday, 15 September 2011

Going to the Fair

In Nottingham the fair is Goose Fair; an enormous and hideously expensive fun fair which seems to get bigger and last longer each October. Bah humbug but I hate it! No the fair for me is all about early morning drive, setting up the stall and crossing fingers tightly that customers will like what they see enough to part with their hard earned cash.
I am in the middle of a long series of fairs through September and October but Saturday's is unusual in that it is all about craft rather than antiques. This is the first Selvedge fair, organised by the textile themed magazine of the same name, I've attended so not sure what to expect. The list of exhibitors sounds grand so I'm feeling somewhat nervous and its in London which shouldn't make a difference but seems to. So I was found yesterday mocking up my stall in the kitchen in order to maximise the small but expensive space I will have.
Its hard not to add some of my antique finds to the mix but know there is little point taking items that can't be sold. I could not resist this little set of hooks bought at the weekend from Paula at the Country Chic fair in Ripley.

They are french and really fun, sure someone will snap them up for a children's room when they have played their part in my stall.

I will also be taking my bags which play a minor role in most of the home based vintage fairs I have been standing at recently.

Another favourite are these gorgeous stencilled cushions, wonderfully distressed and with a deep blue stripe running through the middle. Note to self, must not keep these cushions!
Wish me luck with my travels and many thanks to the motorist on the A1 who pointed out that my roof box lid was flapping open. Unfortunately sticking up a finger in his rearview mirror initially confused me into thinking he was anything other than thoughtful...anyone want to devise a better system of communication on the road?


  1. Those cushions are fab too! Oh I really can't wait until we have a bigger place!

    Just had a look at the Selvedge Fair's website, looks a great event, some really beautiful stuff (it's probably a good job I'm not in London this weekend).

    Know your gorgeous creations will fit right in. Have a great time x

  2. Good luck at the fair!
    I know what you mean about Goose Fair, I used to live on Peel Street, and we used to get all the rubbish and the stench of the fair!

    Sandie xx