Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Autumnal beginnings

I love September possibly because it often brings the best weather of the summer, although as I write the garden is being buffeted by gale force winds. The first day of the month, last Thursday, seems a distant memory but it was a gorgeous day here with the warmth of a summer against the autumnal colours just showing around the garden. It was lucky then that I had bought a bag of clams at the fish market in town the previous day; although our market has steadily contracted over the years it does still boast good fish stalls and an invaluable haberdasherers.

Looking for a recipe for spaghetti vongole ( I realised I had only ever eaten this in restaurants and had never cooked it) I was pitched into an Italian controversy..rosso ou bianco...Jamie v Nigella. Being married to a tomato phobic helped resolve the debate here. We both enjoyed the clams and I took a pic as never before had leftovers looked so pretty.

The garden with the last rays of sun
The other great thing about September is that as the schools return the vintage fairs all begin again.
I will be busy every weekend of the month and will hopefully see all the friends I've made in the vintage world over the next few weeks. First up is the Country Chic fair this weekend in Ripley..near Harrogate
As I've been standing at these fairs since 2004 I've made lots of friends amongst both stallholders and customers. A small group of dedicated dealers, delicious refreshments, a pretty village setting; it is a perfect recipe for an enjoyable Saturday or Sunday. Many people seem to stay for most of the day browsing and rebrowsing. Visit Polly's website for a list of dealers.

I will be taking this sweet wooden box to sell; as a cat lover I can't resist these when I see them.
The wording says "amidon au chat" and the first time I bought one the French dealer explained that the box was a display piece to advertise the soap inside. Why a cat?..because they are always washing themselves.
Obvious really!

Would make a lovely gift for a cat lover and is a decent size to keep sewing bits, cards etc in.
Just a taste of whats going in the car alongside the usual cushions, lampshades, aprons, jugs and mirrors

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  1. Did you sell the box? I love it! Very much looking forward to seeing you in Manchester next weekend (sorry didn't let you know sooner) I should be bringing some friends too. Hope you are well and have a successful fair in London. x