Tuesday, 26 February 2013

First fair of the year

It's been three months since my last fair; the longest lay off I can remember and some of the time at least used productively. Nevertheless I feel quite nervous preparing for next Sunday's textile society fair in Manchester. The early morning start, rush to set up amidst trade buyers who arrive early and most of all, will I sell anything?
I've always enjoyed this fair as there is a great mixture of vintage and ethnic textiles, both fashion and furnishing so it appeals to a wide range of customers, often very knowledgeable about the fabrics they are looking for.

I'll be taking more fabrics to sell than usual alongside my designs; quilts, manglecloths, sheets and some fab 1950s curtain fabric. I have however been sewing madly and have more than enough cushions and shades to fill the stall, hopefully enough for my spring open house which follows 2 weeks later (see details to left of post)

I first used this lace before Christmas when it sold so quickly I had had no time to take photos; I have made more now including this pair combining the lace with antique French linen, first world war sheets which had never been used to be precise

This group combines the lace with vintage linen, also mother of pearl buttons

I always buy warm red fabrics with roses, they're great for living rooms or on beds

The brick red and cream of this quilted toile cushion tone beautifully with the Hungarian monogram on cream linen

This beautiful blue print, roses again, has made a lovely pile of cushions

Pair of sweet candle stick shades

I like this simple floral shade, lovely for a cottage interior. Hope to make another before Sunday if you need a pair of shades

Finally some lovely scraps of quilted fabric, too small for real cushions they've made pretty lavender sachets
Do hope you'll come and see but ring or email for details if you'd like to buy any of the items and can't get to Manchester. I'm also pleased to say we have a date for the first Country Chic fair of the year. It will be on Sat/Sun April 20/21 at Whixley village hall, details to left or visit Polly's website


  1. All beautiful.... How much is the red toile cushion Heather?
    Julie x

  2. Hi Julie
    It's lovely isn't it. It measures 40x35cm with feather pad and is £28 plus £4 postage unless you're coming to Manchester and can collect. I'll email you another image which is clearer x

  3. It all looks beautiful. I hope all your hard work reaps rewards on Sunday.
    M x

    1. Thanks for the compliment and for taking the trouble to comment. Much appreciated Heather x

  4. I did try to come and talk to you but you were so busy yesterday...I hope you had a fantastic Fair. It was a real thrill to visit and I spent quite a few pennies. See you soon, viv x

    1. Hi Viv
      I was sorry not to have a chat, wanted to ask you about the forthcoming Selvedge fair. Glad you had a good visit, I had a great fair and enjoyed chatting to customers old and new Heather x

  5. It was lovely to see you there Heather. I've added your link on my blog post today