Tuesday, 19 February 2013

a new perspective

We're having a wood burner fitted so the contents of the living room are dispersed around the house. I'm rather taken with the sofa in its new spot in the bay window of the sitting room. It won't work in the long run but a nice spot to perch in today's sunshine or to use for today's photos

Of course any photographer could tell me that sunlight shining straight into the lens is not a recipe for the perfect shot and must admit cushions are clearer when placed on a sofa to the side of the window

The quilt looks soft and inviting slung over the sofa; sure a cat will find it before long

Its a pretty traditional eiderdown with sweet rose print.

A slightly larger example which sits nicely on a double bed.  Measurements and prices of all the quilts and cushions are on the blogshop; click on image to right of the post

I have 3 very nice Durham quilts at present. I love these simple handstitched quilts which lie beautifully over a duvet or can be used as a throw or even curtain. Even the white underside with handstitched quilting looks good in a minimalist contemporary setting.
This quilt has some lovely florals and I particularly like the cherry red against the denim blue patches.

This quilt could work well as a hanging or maybe the strong colours would be good in a teenager's room.
 There is some damage to the edges and to a few of the patches but such a lot of work has gone into the design and stitching that it is well worth saving.

Finally a lovely floral quilt which is completely reversible; the warm pink for autumn and winter and the soft blue for the warmer months maybe. There is no patchwork here but lots of lovely hand sewing and 2 lovely prints, turn the underside down for contrast if you can't choose between the 2 prints.

I've taken more images so if you're interested in any of the eiderdowns or quilts just take a look at the blogshop


  1. Oh, and a wood burner?! Now I'm really jealous! Your house is definitely my go to for interior inspiration! Look forward to seeing it installed. Hope you guys are all well x

  2. We're well thanks and busy with wedding plans; looking forward to receiving our invites. The mock ups looked fab! love Heather x