Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Calling North Yorkshire

This weekend sees the first Country Chic fair of 2012; these popular fairs have been running for many years now and I came on board in 2004. Polly uses pretty village halls in North Yorkshire villages as venues and advertises widely in the locality so fingers crossed we always have plenty of customers. They are small events with about 10 stalls but as these are homogeneous ,if you like one ,chances are you'll enjoy everyone's stock. I just have to hope my offerings are as attractive on the day as Michele's, Alex's Edwina's et al.

This time we're in Whixley, just 5 minutes from the Knaresborough turn off on the A1 so hopefully easy to access for most customers. Whixley is a very pretty village in lovely walking country; I'm always slightly frustrated not to see the surrounding countryside on these occasions but hopefully there will be equal attractions indoors and if the weather is grim you can spend most of the day at the fair. Many people do although the food and drink on offer are at least part of the reason.

I have a really good selection of cushions and lampshades this time as this is the first in a group of fairs over the next few weeks.

 I'm also pleased with the selection of jars and jugs I have at present; interesting rareties include a couple of lovely French wooden horses on wheels

Apologies that there are no images of these; with a great sense of timing my camera broke as my daughter opened her birthday gifts last Sunday. The last one gave up the ghost last year whilst in South Africa so I am feeling somewhat aggrieved although perhaps I'm just clumsy. Happily it was the only blot on a very happy weekend with the whole family here; next weekend will be all about that other love ..matters vintage.
Do hope you'll come along..details on the left or visit Polly's website.


  1. Lovely lampshades and cushions again - oh how I wished I lived nearer to Whixley!!

    1. Hello again

      Hope you'll be able to get to one of my fairs before long or indeed to my home sale if its within travelling distance..Heather