Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The beautiful Roseland penisula

Just back from my short holiday in Cornwall and keen to tell you about the lovely Homespun fair.
Gertie and her team had worked hard to make a smooth running day which was busy from the start. The rain fell steadily all day although thankfully not as heavily as it did once we were packed up. Nevertheless, or perhaps because it was too wet for the beach, we had lots of customers and the hall was packed with talent and creativity. I bought lots of cards from Liz on the next stall, they put my designs to shame so I will be sending hers instead.

Just a glimpse of what I brought along but suffice to say that on the way home the car was much easier to pack and Ken remarked that it was lovely to be able to see out of the back window.

Gertie was complaining that her stall looked empty after the busy Country Living fair but of course it was as lovely as ever and with a great selection of sewing baskets and Suffolk puffs. The ladies from The Sea Garden had had a very successful stall at the CLF; read about it on their blog

I hankered after this beautiful horse but he was very expensive, perhaps his owner didn't really want to part with him.

Viv from Hen's Teeth had also made a holiday of it and brought her exquisite work to Cornwall.
The fair takes place in Portscatho, a beautiful coastal village on the Roseland penisula in southern Cornwall.

 The Roseland coastline is much softer than the north side and generally more tranquil.

Walking around the penisula is such a joy, the views across the sea, fabulous hedgerows full of flowers and tiny coves to climb down into make even a wet day enjoyable.

We had mixed weather but 2 lovely sunny days when we were able to take a long walk and eat crab sandwiches and Cornish pastys in the open.

Looking across to St Mawes from the tiny hamlet of Place; I was focusing on the single green house in rows of whitewashed buildings
 However our accommodation was so cosy it was no hardship to stay in and read. We stayed at Maggie and Mike's fabulous barn just outside Portscatho and received a warm welcome from them. It was lovely to pretend to be a local and make a 10 minute drive to the village hall on the day of the sale; just as well as I had forgotten to change the time on my phone and so the alarm went off an hour later than intended!

I sold a lovely green enamel jug filled with cow parsley I had spotted at the side of the road.

This acid green plant is much more common at this time of the year, a lady told me it is known as Alexander but no idea of its botanical name.

These relatives of the garden achillea were growing in the rocks on one of the Roseland beaches.

As usual I pondered the listings in the estate agents windows wondering if I could live in Cornwall; so much natural beauty on the doorstep, so many creative communities to network with but no cinema or theatre nearby and none of the friends I've made over the last 25 years in Nottingham. It remains a daydream although spending time with the Homespun stallholders made the dream more real but for now I just brought home the usual reminder..a pile of pebbles
The next fair is in North Yorkshire, another beautiful part of the world which will have me daydreaming all over again


  1. You look to have had a really good time. The pics are great. We are lucky in this country with our landscape.
    We've been at our caravan in the Lake District and I am writing about it over a couple of days.
    Hope you've got time for a peek.
    Best wishes
    One I Made Earlier Today

    1. I don't know the lake District so I'll look forward to your pics
      Heather x

  2. Rain or not, wished I'd been there...wish I was there!

    Brithday greetings to your lovely daughter!

    Have a great week/weekend,

    Sandie xx

    1. Hi Sandie
      Apologies for not replying sooner, very busy week
      Lovely celebrations but back to sewing ready for North Yorkshire fair this weekend
      Heather x

  3. The Cornish coastline is beautiful. We have had many family holidays on the north coast of Cornwall but teh south looks beautiful too xx

    1. Thanks for reading my post
      Do try the south coast and I'm sure you won't be disappointed
      Heather x