Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Spring open house this weekend

I'm busy preparing for the first open house of the year. Its been 3 months since my last sale here so plenty of time to sew new designs and collect some lovely vintage finds
On this occasion I've several pieces of furniture as well as the usual smaller items, hope they'll find new homes.

This set of shelves is beautifully painted and is the perfect size to easily display some treasures.

 Particularly like the yellow theme that developed as I arranged my wares

Its a beautiful sunny day here complaints but makes photographing the sitting room more tricky..I've a lovely old French table for sale next to a standard lamp with white linen shade.

A very pretty enamel coffee pot with tulips. Its a good time of year to decorate with flowers;

hyacinths in pots and as cut flowers

I picked up a pretty little French mirror, these are perfect for propping on shelves or in a small corner

This small cupboard is so pretty..would be a perfect bathroom cupboard or placed on a table as here.
Another larger mirror seen behind is also for sale

Some lovely French toiles made into cushions
Do come if you can between 10-9pm on Friday and 10-4pm on Saturday
On Saturday evening I'll be packing the car for Manchester the following day where I'll be standing at the textile society fair in Fallowfield.(more details on the left)


  1. I would love to come and browse your beautiful wares but unfortunately live too far away ...

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