Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Isolated in a desert

First, apologies to those of you who struggled to follow my last post with its enormous images. I was feeling pleased with myself as I downloaded an app which promised to allow me to blog and upload images from my new fabulously stylish i pad, that was until I viewed the results.
I was reminded of my grandma's words; "if it sounds too good to be true it generally is" and so this week I'm back to my much less flash laptop with pictures resized hopefully to fit
But first a link to another blog. My younger son who now earns his living as a journalist began his writing career with an inventive music fanzine, Shadowplay, which morphed as technology emerged into a blog of the same name. His latest cyber venture is this desert isolation disc blog, no relation to a long running similarly named programme, in which he quizzes friends, family and music acquaintances on their choices for listening whilst isolated in the desert.  We spent a fun afternoon during the Christmas holidays recording my choices but you can find lots more on the blog. Hope you enjoy!
My return to the vintage fair circuit last weekend went well and it was lovely to meet up with the many lovely people I've got to know in the Wisborough Green area.
For once I didn't want to swap my Midlands home as I passed flooded fields and overflowing rivers but was lucky to have an easy journey there and back
Just a few images of my stall last Saturday

I'll be back in Wisborough Green on March 8th and nearby Cowdray Hall on Friday and Saturday 4th and 5th April

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