Tuesday, 13 November 2012

More Christmas sales

The Selvedge fair was fabulous...PHEW, what a relief!  The customers surged forth from a long queue outside at 10 to a roomful of frantic last minute shoppers at 4; lots of lovely interested people who were there to buy. It was probably just as well that I had so little time to look as there was serious and expensive temptation in the room (and corridors outside).

We were indeed packed in and I found, having built my stall around a new shelf I had bought earlier in the week, that it was impossible to engage with customers from behind the stall.

This was a good thing as it forced me to sell more actively than I usually like to and is a lesson for the future.

The most exciting sale of the day was to Priscilla Carluccio who bought one of the monogrammed cushions having complimented me on the precision of my workmanship. I'm afraid to say I didn't recognise her although had inwardly admired her simple Guernsey style sweater, ethnic fabric coat and short stylish hair but as we discussed retail and design she mentioned her shop (sadly now closed) Few and Far. It was then that I realised I was in the presence of design royalty and was able to tell her how much I had enjoyed visiting her shop/gallery which was always an inspiration.

Of course in London its possible to see anyone including a lovely customer I had last seen at a very wet summer fair in Norfolk and who I did recognise. There was such talent in the room from those who source fabulous fabrics..thebluelinencupboard, Beyond France, Polly Lyster's Dyeworks and indeed vintage linen doyenne Jane Saatchi to incredibly talented makers. I was sorry not to have had chance to photograph more but lovely Ellie Evans had a stall full of gorgeous, embroidered pieces and to her right a girl called  "Holy Smoke" who made all manner of pieces from grey linen.

My lovely, and long suffering, neighbour was Jessie Chorley who became a friend for the day. I had heard about her work and shop on Colombia Road but never seen her work....ethereal hangings, pictures and journals using embroidered text and found items. Completely unique and inspiring, suffice to say she was surrounded by admiring shopppers all day.

So back home to restock for this week's fairs in Woburn and in Harrogate.Really looking forward to seeing old friends both amongst the stallholders and customers and to relaxing with my daughter who lives in Leeds
The monogrammed cushions sold very well in London and I've made up the final two. On a linen ground I've surrounded these with a lovely creased linen and a toning floral print.

The Selvedge fair focussed mainly on my handmade designs but I have bought lovely vintage pieces for these fairs..as ever finding room for them all on the stall will be the challenge.

I will have chance to show them all the following week at my open house; do leave a comment if you would like an invite or indeed any more info about the fairs or stock in this post


  1. Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday, I think my stand is near yours so we can have a natter.
    Glad you did really well at Selvedge.
    Jo xx

  2. Yes, we are neighbours, great!
    Thanks, Selvedge was good and lots of great designers there, very inspirational
    See you Thurs Heather xx