Friday, 12 October 2012

French detail

How nice it is to sit down and with a few clicks of my new wireless mouse be back in touch with the blogging world. Our phone and internet have been out of action for a week (don't get me started on BT ) and, lovely though my i phone is, trying to write a blog or browse the net on it is only for teenagers with better eyesight than mine. I was forced to reflect that, whilst lauding all things vintage and battered, my antique textile business relies on 21st century technology. Interestingly the cause of all our woes was most basic and fittingly archaic; the phone cable had worn through rubbing against the branches of the enormous tree planted outside in the last century.

Last week whilst trawling the stalls at the Peterborough fair I spotted an ancient heavy brown bakelite hairdryer and wondered who would want to buy it. I prefer functional things to be functional and why lift this monster when a lightweight efficient version exists; this from the woman who has a set of skittles on display!
Anyway to the post I intended to write on Monday morning after several days away from home selling.
I realise my blog shop has been neglected again! and so will update the stock later as well as adding a selection of new goodies. There's a French flavour to most of my new acquisitions so hope you share my love of these.

Really love this sweet little French school uniform, an overall complete with draper's label (see image at top)
The collar is false, embroidered beautifully onto the striped fabric

I found 2 scraps of quilted toile, very small and expensive but really interesting stories

I have seen this image before and a friend translated it as "the mouse has escaped"..presumably hiding under the girl's full skirt

Often the most lovely fabrics depict quite violent scenes, imagine sleeping under a bedcover decorated with this battle scene. I hope however someone will, like me, appreciate the fine drawing and lovely soft faded mauve of this print

Quilted Provencal printed cushions and a linen bolster case from Alsace in the background

I've mentioned this classic Vichy check before and love its pink glow when lit as a lampshade; this is the latest shade I've made but have 4  in stock. It was traditionally used to back quilted toiles but is gorgeous in its own right

The floral is a new fabric find and I love it. The first shade sold as soon as it appeared on the stall so I've made another

A nice example of these French fabric covered boxes which are so useful for storing jewellery, scarves etc (functional you see!) Image of the outer is on blogshop

A simple canvas hatbox which will make useful storage for your woolly gloves, hats, scarves or indeed one smart hat depending on your lifestyle

This is a simple but very effective cotton quilt, reminds me of American Shaker designs. A lovely lightweight double with cotton wadding it is perfect to put over a duvet or simply a cotton sheet in summer
Hope you'll take a look at the on this link or on the image at the top right of the blog
Internet access allowing I can send more info and images; just leave a comment and I'll get straight back to you.

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