Wednesday, 3 October 2012

British Folk Art

I enjoyed an inspiring day out last Saturday when my husband and younger son came with me to Compton Verney. It is often a visit from Alex that sends us forth looking for a good lunch and artistic/literary diversion; an excuse to escape the endless gardening chores.

I had been intending to visit since a couple of friends recommended the gallery. Compton Verney is a beautiful Georgian mansion in Warwickshire which was almost derelict when acquired by Peter Moore in 1994 and reinvented as a 20th century art gallery The adaptation is very sympathetic with the cafe and shop in a modern section which fits in seamlessly.

We enjoyed all the collection; paintings from Britain and Europe, a wonderful Chinese collection (apparently Mr Moore's particular enthusiasm) and a large collection of British folk art. There is also a gallery which houses the collection and works of Enid Marx and her friend Margery Lambert. Marx was a textile designer and illustrator and used the ceramics and folk art pieces to inspire her work

Alex set up this arty shot, shame his father wasn't playing his part

I can thoroughly recommend a visit, and do try and visit on a fine day as the grounds are beautiful. Cafe is very good too!
Rather like Chatsworth without the crowds

It was good to have had a day contemplating others' work as this week is manic. Lots of buying to do before the autumn fairs get under way;washing, painting, sewing, pricing purchases and then off to sell...fingers crossed!

Come and see me in stylish Chelsea on Sunday at the London textile society fair (details on left) or, if you're a fan of the long standing Festival of Antiques on the East of England showground , I'll be in the Nat West building LO21. This Friday and Saturday from 10-4.30
If you're interested in any of the items shown please leave a comment and I'll get back to you


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