Wednesday, 18 July 2012

and at once I knew I was not magnificent *

I promise not to make a habit of using song lyrics as my title; its Viv's thing and she does it so well but had to disagree with Justin Vernon of Bon Iver having seen them perform at the Latitude festival.

 Latitude, held near to Southwold in Suffolk is a laid back and very manageable 3 day event featuring music, dance, comedy as well as poetry and literary reading and of course this year lots of mud. The sheep enter into the spirit of the festival.

My highlight was Bon Iver; I couldn't imagine how the elaborate studio albums could be brought to life but the answer was in an imaginative stage lit by electric candles and with great musicians on brass, string and percussion. It was magnificent.

Other stand outs were the classy Laura Marling, lovable Guy Garvey and Elbow, brilliantly energetic Bat for Lashes and a truly fabulous set from Rufus Wainwright who burst onto a sunny lunchtime stage to sing his first song unaccompanied. Elsewhere we enjoyed Josh T Pearson although not necessarily for his musical contribution, wonderful dance and mime in Translunar Paradise, Q&A with the 2012 cast and lots more acts we happened on as we wandered around as well as eating some great street food and generally enjoying the looks of the festival. Wellies were of course de rigeur if not totally essential but elsewhere anything went from the casual boho to the young man in the tailcoat who I stood next to watching Natasha Khan but didn't summon up courage to ask about his outfit.

Felt very sad to be leaving on Sunday so it was some consolation that we were spending another couple of days in Suffolk exploring the coast and visiting favourite haunts.

Brought back these 1970s milk bottles used to advertise products of the day

This is a really nice pharmacy bottle with label intact

I liked the proportions of these candlesticks which could also make elegant hatstands; will probably give them a coat of paint as think they would look better shabby chic

A sweet cover, no idea whats going on so guess will have to read the play

Anyone for Pimms, if it ever stops raining these will make lovely garden party glasses, I'll take them to the Cotswolds fair if its sunny by then

Back home then to wash the mud from our clothes and boots although I do have a small confession; we escaped every night to the relative luxury of a nearby travel lodge..thank god!

* Justin Vernon  Holocene Bon Iver


  1. I must be getting old Heather....the only name I recognise in that line up is Rufus Wainwright.
    You on the other hand must be one hip and trendy too, escaping to the luxury of a travel lodge every night!
    Julie x

    1. I think it comes down to having kids with music to borrow! If, however, you like me grew up loving Carole King and Joni Mitchell give Laura Marling a listen, fabulous, well written songs.
      Been hard getting back to work
      Heather x