Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Suffolk colour scheme

We spent last weekend relaxing in that most laid back county Suffolk. We were staying at the Crown & Castle Orford ; a pub/restaurant with rooms where we have enjoyed several recuperative breaks in the past. Ruth, David and Tim run a tight ship (very high compliment from me) whilst keeping everything friendly and relaxed. Ruth is the Hotel Inspector turned Country House Rescuer from TV and her influence can be felt in the no nonsense approach to hospitality and in the delicious and ever changing menus..deciding what to eat is the hardest thing we had to do all weekend

Sadly no one has asked us to become Mr and Mrs Smith for the famous guide books but should they do so….”Husband no 1 adopts a split personality ;admiring the noble beasts as we spot pigs on our walk whilst devouring all things pork by evening. I enjoy a relaxing candlelit bath in the newly remodelled bathroom” and so on.

Coincidentally I had read a magazine article about a nearby pottery in Fressingfield. In truth it is too small a shop to travel to but should you find yourself in the area it's well worth a visit. Lars supplies the likes of Nicole Farhi, David Mellor and Designers Guild ,to drop but 3, with stylish tableware and his shop is filled with much cheaper seconds and end of lines. His Danish roots can be seen in the simple lines and matt glazes but the colours were what attracted me. I finally chose a group of complimentary plates, all in earth tones and one described by Lars as very organic..not sure if that was code for “slightly wrong”

As we chatted we realised we had the found the perfect person to answer all our questions about the new Danish serial Borgen and the workings of the Danish political system.

By the time we left the rain had stopped so we were able to start our postponed walk after all.
Coastal Suffolk is famed for its huge skies and thanks to the very flat landscape you can see for miles. We followed a walk which contrasted the beach and sea with nearby reed beds and heathland.

 As we walked I recognised all the colours from Lars' palette; yellow gorse, grey/brown dykes, silver reeds, blue and grey sky and sea; I exclude the pinks and greens in his collection but perhaps these are summer flowers or colourful Suffolk stuccos.

I always find walking inspirational either from the surroundings themselves or simply because it gives time to ponder and plan the week ahead whilst putting one foot in front of the other. I wish I could paint but I always enjoy snapping images as I walk and some may find their way into a greeting card.

These tree roots appeared to have been sculpted at some point to form an outdoors installation.
I used to bring bag loads of pebbles home but try to be more responsible now and restricted my self to 2 which perfectly captured the colours of the day.

Plenty left!

The following day was breezy but beautifully sunny so we were able to enjoy our favourite walk along Covehithe beach. Slightly further north than Southwold this is also a sandy beach and it is easy to see the source of the sand as the sandstone cliffs crumble and erode at an alarming pace. Over the years trees have disappeared from the cliff edge and lain on the beach, tree roots remain to form driftwood sculptures which cast magical shadows.

I’m not sure if this is a tree or just a large branch wedged in the sea but it caused the waves to crash around and the spray to fly in the breeze.

It was hard to set off home after our walk knowing our long anticipated weekend was over but the benefits always last through the next few weeks and I’ve just enjoyed my lunch all the more for being eaten off one of my new plates.

Hope you'll visit my blogshop..link at top of the page..I'll be adding cushions soon but email for images in the meantime. Need to earn my next trip to Suffolk!


  1. Gorgeous photos, looks like a lovely place to spend a weekend. Those plates are stunning, love the earthy colours - and they go perfectly with the pallet of your visit!

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for that.
      Look forward to hearing about your latest creations
      love Heather