Wednesday, 11 January 2012

back to work and last

Happy New Year; rather belatedly as I've found it very hard to return to the world of work and blogging after a lovely busy and relaxing Christmas. Seemingly an oxymoron but it was an enjoyable busyness surrounded by family and friends and in this way relaxing. So last week, having said goodbye to everyone, including my husband who returned to the office, I attempted to pick up my own work only to find a deep unwillingness to buckle down. In the past I've prided myself on my ability to self motivate, work long hours and set myself high standards; so far so smug but 2012 seemed to present a bigger challenge than usual.
First I took my sewing machine to be no sewing possible. Then I discovered a film I simply had to see and found myself at a very full silver screening in town ..maybe retirement won't be so bad! I even tidied out my kitchen cupboards, just as well reading some of the sell by dates, and polished the cutlery.
But this week guilt got the better of me and sewing machine having returned bursting to go I finally started to replenish my almost non existent stock.
It was a lovely surprise therefore to discover little gems I had bought back in November and forgotten all about.

This lovely blue French print, not quite a toile but with fabulous details, has been made up into a set of cushions. I've teamed the print with a great quality French linen; a soft off white and beautifully creased.
Looks nice with this blue jug.

Another similar classic French print with urns and birds in a warm red teams well with the shade made from linen mangle cloth.

I love this classic Vichy check cotton especially in pink; it always makes beautiful lampshades as the pink is warm and welcoming when lit. I was lucky enough to find a big piece in good condition so have been able to make a trio of shades.

I had forgotten buying this sweet little painting which I think works well propped on a chest in a similar interior.

This is another favourite fabric, a linen mangle with bright red stripes. The shade and cushion are both great in kitchens or easy going living rooms.

I used this fabulous set of french spongeware plates over Christmas, perfect for the Christmas pud but equally nice for a bowl of warming soup. There are 10 in the set and its tempting to hang on to them but must keep my business hat on.

Am making a New Years resolution to update my blogshop regularly and add a Paypal checkout if I can understand the instructions but in the meantime if you're interested in buying any item featured just leave a comment or email me.
Back to the sewing machine


  1. Your cushions and shades are beautiful ... obviously a very telanted seamstress with an eye for gorgeous fabrics.

  2. I now feel very guilty Heather as I have done absolutely nothing towards the fairs yet and you've made all those beautiful cushions and lamp shades!! Can you come over and motivate me please? Happy New Year by the way.
    Jo xx

  3. You have got off to a good start!
    Loving the French style fabric, guess you might have to explain to some people what 'Mangle' cloth is, assuming of course I've got what it is! LOL!
    My Mum used a mangle up until the late sixties, then bought a small second-hand spin dryer that used to dance all over the kitchen unless you sat on it! Mum used very heavy duty beds sheets that she used to cut up and I think these wind around the mangle rollers and were held in place simply by the action of the rollers.

    Hmmph! And the young 'uns of today complain about loading up their washing machine!

    Sandie xx

  4. Thank you for these kind and speedy comments. See I've escaped from the sewing machine again!
    Sandie you've reminded my of the dancing spin dryer of my childhood.
    The mangle cloths I use for shades are from Germany, about 3m long by 1m wide so lots of fab fabric to make into cushions, shades etc.

    1. I absolutely love the blue cushions, they're stunning! Alex sent me a link (I work with him) but I'll definitely be coming back to see what you post next!

      Happy sewing, Vic

  5. Hi Vic

    Very nice to "meet" you and thanks for comments. New Year resolution to post regularly so watch this space