Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Stocking up for winter

How I love this set of printer's shelves acquired last year.

Ideally they'd be in my kitchen stacked with piles of white china and kitchen linens but as there's no room there they are consigned to the greenhouse. I should explain that though we own a large Edwardian greenhouse and have spent time and money on restoring it there are few plants involved. Certainly even fewer following last winter's catastrophic frosts. Our greenhouse is enjoyed by both of us as a place to read, listen to music and enjoy the garden when the weather is not quite warm enough to be outside. Of course last week we never ventured in but this morning was perfect, sunny and breezy outside, cool and calm within and great light for a photoshoot.

So I loaded the shelves with the more rustic items in my stock. I have been busy stocking up for the busy lead up to Christmas, both buying items to sell and making as many cushions etc as possible.

A good selection of wooden boxes are great both for display on the stall and storage in the home; think this Pears display box is the pick of the bunch despite the fragile state of the label,

A beautifully made (with leather hinges) box runs it a close second.
Next to it an interesting kitchen item from France; a soup sieve used to push pureed vegetables through to make a soup consistency.I like to use these garden sieves to store woollen scarves rolled into tubes or socks if they're attractive enough.

Thank goodness I'm not using this to wash the linens I've bought but it goes well with the wooden ironing board and sleeveboards which I sell.

I've bought these moulds before as they are lovely for fruit bowls. From Northern France and used to make clafoutis, a fruit pudding traditionally made with cherries.

Shown with an unusual jug I found, love the shape.

A nice cream enamel jug, I've got a good collection of these at present.

My son has been buying coffee sacks from the independent coffee seller at the corner of his road. They are great for rustic outdoor cushions or informal mats; I even covered the seat of a Lloyd Loom chair in one for said son's flat.
I love jars.

 However I find I can bring others round to my idea by suggesting filling them with goodies as Christmas gifts, either homemade chutneys or biscuits. Love the Parfait jars filled with wrapped Amaretti biscuits.

Also french jamjars which make great tealight holders

Just in case you think I've forgotten about textiles...lovely new selection of Hungarian linen sacks.
Red for Christmas sacks and blue because I just love these denim blue weaves

I've bought some runners with the winter table in mind.

The last little stool I bought sold quickly so I've found a couple more as they are great to give height on a stall. Shown here with collection of jugs.

I don't usually buy cushions for obvious reasons but this one was so sweet I couldn't resist.

I will endeavour to put lots of new stock on the blogshop page over the next few days but if there's anything here you're interested in please leave a comment and I'll get straight back to you with more images and prices. Some of these items will be coming with me to Olney so let me know if you'd like me to bring a particular item. Come along to the vintage fair there which is a fun and friendly event in a pretty market town.

Now off to iron the textiles I've bought and washed! At least its been a good drying day.

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