Monday, 18 March 2013

The current favourite corner

Last weekend's open house seemed to lead to a mini spring clean as I tidied the leftover stock away and returned normality to the ground floor. I had sold my gorgeous blue skittles (know you'll love them just as well, Sarah) so the mantelpiece was in for rearrangement.

I did however find that I preferred one corner just as I'd set it up for the sale.

This fab cupboard came from Station Antiques in Chipping Norton just before Christmas and was intended for elsewhere in the house but was "dumped" in the living room until after the festive season only to find that this corner was the perfect location. Still looking for the perfect TV cupboard for the sitting room!

I love this French tin which contained sweets, think its that wonderful red. The lid is incredibly stiff so more ornament than storage

I like these lamps made from stone balustrades and they have a real presence....i.e. very heavy and tall!
I'm keeping this one with the white linen shade as it gives such a great light, clear yet soft

The daffodils are in zinc containers, small enough not to need huge numbers of plants but big enough for a garden planting. I'll be taking these to Peterborough this weekend so the corner will have to change then.

The log burner was a real hit over the weekend giving a welcome warmth and welcome to all visitors, many thanks to all of you who came and hope to see more of you at forthcoming sales
The blog shop is about to be updated and I'll be adding some furniture items

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  1. It all looks gorgeous Heather! Thank you for the blog comment. see you soon! Lizzie x