Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Stocking up for the first fair of the year

It seems decadent to confess to 2 months off work but it is indeed that length of time since I set up a stall to sell my wares. I have however been busy in other ways; sewing lots of new cushions, shades etc, restocking the cards and, most necessary, buying more stock to sell. I think I have found some lovely new goodies to sit alongside the textiles which are either for sale or for making up.

I've confessed already in these posts to my addiction to glass bottles so no surprise I've bought more.
These simple milk bottles will look great with an arrangement of spring flowers but I like them lined up simply on my mantel. They are however for sale this weekend at Market Harborough but thought they would look good snapped next to the French jars.

Several of these for sale; still useful as storage or use as a vase.
I've bought more Ball jars as they were good sellers filled with fabric scraps.

 Think this turquoise colour would look lovely filled with painted eggs as a spring decoration.

These were a new find; American spring water flagons which would have had a cork stopper. Hope you can make out the native American Indian on the front.

Again they would be good with blue flowers such as love in the mist which grows like a weed in my flower bed since I sowed seeds many years ago now or possibly iris at this time of year.

This is a departure for me as I'm not really a doll person but this sweet little highchair (modelled by Old Tom Ted who was rescued from a school jumble many years ago) proved irrestible. I think it was the level of detail right down to the stencilled tray as well as the lovely soft paint colour, just like drying plaster; not sure the colour reproduction on the camera has measured up to the challenge but its a poor workwoman who blames her tools! Hope a collector will give it a home but afraid Tom has to stay with us.

I love this trio, all french earthernware, all functional and all very decorative. On the left a classic dairy pot; these semi matt glazed pots are lovely just as they are or with flowers or plants.
I've never seen a jug like this before, great fat bellied shape and with a "harlequin" style glaze. My lovely friend Moira has just left having visited for lunch, she brought a bunch of spring flowers so I can show you how gorgeous it looks filled with tulips and narcissi.

Finally a cheese mould in deep aubergine which I think would look perfect filled with yellow primula; I have also got a metal mould which looks great when lit by a candle. Both would have been used to drain the whey off a French farmhouse cheese.

Again a new departure but I couldn't resist this leather bag. Large enough to use for paperwork it has 2 compartments so practical for keeping all the essentials to hand. Pictured with my fine knit fingerless gloves which are so useful; confess to wearing them to read in bed on Saturday night as the snow fell outside.

Whenever I find this particular red striped linen ticking I snap it up. It is especially nice made into lampshades as it gives a soft warm glow to lamplight. Fortunately I found a piece large enough for this shade and a bigger one with more to spare...currently lighting up a corner of the workroom

This rustic bench is for sale although will be very useful in front of or to add height to a stall before it goes. Its a neat length and would look good at the foot of a bed or in front of a bench or sofa as here. More of the large handblown glass jars (on bench behind) for sale.
I'm planning on putting some of these and more in the car for Market Harborough but if there's anything you'd like to see there please email as there won't be room for it all
I'm also updating my blogshop to include new February stock, take a look, and scroll down for lamps and bases from last month (those that have sold are marked)
Hope to see some of you on Saturday and don't forget to come and say hello

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you and all your gorgeous wares on saturday. I bought a copy of Good Homes magazine and thought your house looked amazing. I can see why you were a bit annoyed but it was still a great feature and I think people would go out of their way to google Hellish Designs.
    Ann x